A Bible Devotion

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Does God Supply Only What We Need?

What is a need? Who is qualified to determine what is a need?

Is it something essential? What is essential? Essential to what? To survival? To health? (Physical health only, or mental and emotional health, as well?)

Are essentials universal? Or do they vary from person to person, or from country to country, or from age to age?

Is having more than just my essential, survival needs met proof of my greed or selfishness?

If God will only meet our needs, why do some Christians have more than they need? How did they get it? Did the devil give it to them?

If God only meets the needs of Christians, who will ever have any extra to give to others?

What is need and what is greed; what is too much and what is just right? Are you qualified to judge? For yourself? For me? For someone in a different country? For all people?

Is it wrong for a Christian to accept a job paying more than a survival wage? Should they only work part-time to stay below abundance?

Does God play favorites? Did the Apostle Paul say, in Philippians 4:18, that he had more than he needed? Did God ever give anyone else an abundance?

Does creation testify to a God of abundance? Why are there so many shapes and colors of fish? Why do we need flowers?

Can you give scripture clearly saying God will supply only what we need to barely get by? Are there not many scriptures that tell us He supplies abundance? Have you ever read the entire Bible?

What is a need? Are you qualified to judge?

SAY THIS: Has my view of God's provision been correct?


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