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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Delay Is Not Denial

LUKE 18:1 NKJ 1 Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,

Many people give up too easily in prayer. When they don't see the answer almost immediately, they quit.

God is not pleased with this approach.

You may say, "God knows my need. Why doesn't He just give it to me, instead of playing games?"

Whether you agree with God's ways, or not: God is still in charge and makes the rules -- not you. So, it does you no good to argue or complain. Better to just line up with God instead of fighting against His plan. Besides, in reality God's ways are perfect, it is just that we are often too immature and ignorant to understand all God is doing.

Scripture has many examples of people pressing in and receiving answers to prayer. We should never be quitters when it comes to prayer.

It is God's will to answer your prayers. He is the One who told you to pray. God actually delights in answering your prayers.

(Never forget that God loves you more than you can imagine. God loves you more than He loves Himself, and proved it by dying in your place, so you could go free.)

"Then why are there so many delays?"

There is an enemy, the devil, who hates you and is against you receiving your answer from God.

Second, some prayers involve other people, and God does not force people to do His will, but works with them patiently so they can see and do the right thing willingly. This takes time.

Third, there are things that God is working in you while you are persevering in prayer. God's plan is for you to grow up spiritually. God wants to enlarge your faith and encourage you to develop a closer relationship with Him. If every answer always came immediately, would you really press in and spend time drawing closer to God and studying His Word?

Don't despair in prayer. Keep on praying in faith as long as you are praying according to God's Word. A delay, even a very long one, does not mean that God is saying no to your request.

SAY THIS: I will persevere in prayer.


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